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In an increasingly modern and busy lifestyle, with the aim of saving time and effort, many individuals have a higher demand for readily processed, nutritious, and safe food options. Understanding this market demand, on August 22, 2005, Tan Vinh Phat Food Production and Trading Company Limited (TVP Food) was established with the motto: 'Today's Quality, Tomorrow's Health.' TVP Food has been and continues to meet the demand for safe and nutritious processed foods in both domestic and international markets. Throughout its operations, TVP Food relentlessly pursues human resource development, technological advancement, and innovation in food processing.



TVP Food consistently invests in equipment, embraces technological innovation, and implements management processes with strict standards to create a source of high-quality, hygienic, and competitively priced food products. Its strength lies in supplying a large quantity of food in a short period, swiftly addressing the meal preparation needs of workers during overtime hours.

After over 16 years of investment and development, TVP Food has earned the trust of many discerning customers. We take pride in being a leading provider of processed food for industrial catering and corporate kitchens in Vietnam. Currently, TVP Food is a reputable partner of various companies and corporations.




- Industrial catering, corporate kitchens, schools, hospitals, etc.
- Food supply distributors
- Bakery chains
- Catering and wedding banquet groups
- Roasted glutinous rice flour products for bakeries, confectioneries, and snack companies.


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